Nutrition and Oncology

The cancer patient suffers with malnutrition frequently, this may lead to continued hospitalization, decreased response to cancer treatment, a greater extend of treatment-related toxicity, degraded quality of life. Comprehensive nutritional assessment, personalized dietary counselling, clinical nutrition support and artificial nutrition to instant food intake, tolerance and effectiveness should be referred to patient at nutritional risks. Additionally, nutritional support can be assisted with “Alternative hypocaloric anti-cancer diets” (e.g. macrobiotic or vegan diets) can be recommended in case it not spoil the nutritional status.

  • Biology of Nutrition and Cancer
  • Epidemiology of Nutrition and Cancer
  • Biological Approaches to Investigating Nutrition and Cancer
  • Gene-Nutrient Interaction and Cancer Prevention
  • Bioactive Food Components and Botanical Approaches to Cancer
  • Nutritional Assessment and Support of the Cancer Patient
  • Nutritional Implementation Guidelines and Practice

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