Nutrition during Pregnancy and Lactation

Maternal Nutrition has a significant role in proper growth and development of foetus. Maternal undernutrition causes decreased birth weight and other consequences related to it. Nutrients such as vitamin D, folate, iron and calcium are the key nutrients consumed during pregnancy.  Women’s require an additional food containing nutrients and calories to secrete sufficient quantity/quality of milk during lactation period. The daily diet includes addition of 350 calories, 0.5g of protein (first trimester) and 6.9g (second trimester) and 22.7g (third trimester) of pregnancy. Also, during physiological periods some micronutrients are specially required.

  • Micronutrient requirement during pregnancy
  • Breast milk: the ideal source of nutrition
  • Immunity obtain by breast milk
  • Alternative nutrient supply for breast feeding
  • Nourishing a growing child
  • Choline supplementation during pregnancy
  • Problems during pregnancy
  • Diet for post pregnancy women

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