Probiotic in Nutrition Advancement

Probiotics are living bacteria and yeast that are essential for our health, specifically in the digestive system for promoting nutritional advancement. Often probiotics can be helpful bacteria it enables nutritional advancement to keep the gut healthy. Food microbiology deals with the microorganisms that possess, make, or degrade food substances including the finding of microorganisms that supports in nourishment waste. From the past ten years a process in biotechnology has been used to create wine, brew and bread. Nowadays, utilizing advancements in biotechnology new food items will alluring qualities are developed. This also helps in inventing insulin, malignancy treatment, life-sparing antibodies and in different pharmaceutical applications. 

  • Prebiotics, probiotics and Symbiotic
  • Nutritional properties of Single Cell Protein (SCP) & Probiotics
  • Functional evaluation of probiotic food products
  • Role of probiotic in allergic diseases
  • Bioactive food components and ingredients
  • Antioxidant properties of probiotics
  • Nutritional & medical benefits of fermented foods
  • Popular probiotic foods and beverages
  • Probiotic yogurt and dairy products

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